Ivy’s Seven Second Life Facts #SecondLifeChallenge

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of Strawberry’s challenges! Here are seven facts that some may or may not know about me.

1. I’ve only been partnered once in Second Life. My RL/SL sweetheart is the winner of my heart.

2. I have never done the family thing in Second Life. There are close friends whom I lovingly call sister, but I have never had a pixel baby or SL parents.

3. I was the first person in Second Life with the name Ivyana. Go me!

4. I have never taken an in world vacation. I’m quite curious as to how that would work.

5. My rez day falls on Beyonce’s real life birthday. I promise I didn’t plan it that way.

6. I’ve always wanted to audition for the Ballet Pixelle. My fear is that I wouldn’t make the cut.

7. I love collecting berets in SL. The cuter/more unique they are, the more I want them!

Ivyana Wears
Deesses (unavailable)
Miwa’s Airship (gacha)
Pose: Reve Obscura (Right hand modified)
Backdrop: Rama (gacha)


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