You Are Always With Me Nemi

Dear Nemi,

Never was I prepared to write this, since I wanted to believe this day would never come.

You were the beauty of Second Life. Friendships came and went but only you remained. Any time someone needed a helping hand or a kind word, you would be that person. You were always so courageous and didn’t deserve the pain and suffering you had in your life. You have encouraged so many people along the way. You always were the voice of reason. You had the sweetest personality Nemi and now I have to let you go.

I can not imagine my Second Life or real life without you. I feel a part of me has died. I feel lost without you, the world is turning gray. Everything feel so out of control now. But a part of you will remain living inside of me. I will miss the holiday cards that you always wrote to me and the gifts we sent to each other. I will miss all the long conversations on the phone and Skype. I will miss hearing your laughter, it made my heart sing

I hate that you’ve left this world Nemi. I wished you had stayed to see your grand daughter grow up. I wish the doctors were wrong. That you didn’t have to go through so much suffering and pain but you have fought so bravely until the end. If there was anything I could do to bring you back, I would. Instead I will treasure all the beautiful moments that I have had with you. I take comfort that you are no longer suffering, that you are free now. Thank you for being one of the people whom made my life worth living. I love you. I love you Nemi! You will always be a part of me and what I do. Thank you for sharing your smile, heart, time and wisdom. No one can ever take your place.

You will be missed Nemi ❤


-Style Card-
Headpiece: Lode
Hat: Lybra – Margot
Mascara: Pink Fuel
Lipstick: Itgirl
Earrings: Lagyo
Ring/Bracelet: Moondance Boutique – Cindy
Dress: OVH
Pose: Lyrium
Written by Me
Paragraphed and structured by Shazzy (thanks sis)
Photograph of Nemi by Skip Staheli
Frame: Domus
Flowers: Picture This!


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