It’s Always Clear With You Around

My friend wrote a heart warming blog entry about me. I was so moved that I could barely find the words to express what that meant to me. Though I sent her a private response, I wanted to add on here.


My little toughy pants! Sometimes you do stuff to see how I will react. It’s just more fun to act like I don’t know you’re doing it (hahaha). I love ya anyway! You don’t sugar coat things but everything you say is with love and care. In the face of some devastating news, I’ve seen you carry on with a brave face. You have a wonderful relationship with you daugther and have accomplished so much. You’re one of the few I can be myself with (still figuring out who that is). I think you are more of a model and stylish than you give yourself credit for. You may say it’s because of boredom but I see talent and progress. My Sl/Rl would be missing something if you weren’t a part of it. I love you just the way you are Tosha, don’t ever change.

On Tosha
Outfit: Boudoir Love potion @LIITA Event
Shoes: Fri. – Clara.Heels (Red)
Lips: ::Modish:: BeforeU Lipsticks {Reds-Fresh}
Eyeshadow- Madrid Solo- Eyes- Parisian- Verdatre
Hair: BooN cornrows hairbase/SOT812 hair black
Accessories: GizzA – Papillon Set [Olive]

On Ivyana
Hat: Solidea Folies – Love Is In The Air @LIITA Event
Eyeshadow: Miamai @TR Gacha Event
Necklace: Sugel Co.
Nails: Nailed It – Valentine’s 2014 Set
Outfit: Solidea Folies – Giz @LIITA Event
Shoes: Redgrave @LIITA Event


4 comments on “It’s Always Clear With You Around

  1. Awww.. You are so awesome for this post. Thank you, Thank you.. Thank you also mentioning my relationship with Kaybug. She is most definitely my heart and soul and keeps me sane. I love your wonderful words. I almost teared up. You almost got me. hehehe.. Love you always, chica.. It has been great seeing you grow and you are getting closer to knowing yourself. To conclude, yes, I do get bored.. LOL

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